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In the face of a ‘performance’ problem or failure, you often find yourself forced to replace a machine, or worse, to put a stop to your application solution due to the unavailability of spare parts on the hardware in use. Laus Informatica allows you to protect your investment even after many years: either directly, or through our eBay Shop, we are able to offer an additional sales service for new and refurbished hardware by guaranteeing its installation.

Laus Informatica stocks a wide range of components and spare parts, such as reconditioned equipment on which we offer Total-Risk warranties.

We can also guarantee new retail ITC products* at competitive prices on the international market and ensure the scalability of IT solutions even after the items have left the parent company’s sales list.

In our online shop, customers can find everything from small systems, easy-to-install and easy-to-use products that do not necessarily require the intervention of specialists, to more complex systems such as storage systems, SANs, backup products and networking equipment, both homeoffice and enterprise.

In any case, customers can take advantage of all after-sales services on our products and can supplement them with ad hoc support for their configuration, installation, maintenance and possible upgrades throughout the European Community.

(*) Term used for retail sales